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Welcome to AdultShania! Possibly the only place on the internet where you can admire Shania for her incredible music, but also admire her even more incredible beauty.

So what is AdultShania and how did it start? Glad you asked...

Back in 2006 I was in the process of creating a Shania fan site where people could go and see Shania pictures, videos and discuss her in the forum. It was going to be the best Shania site around. Being a huge Shania fan of course everyone figures their site will be the best and after nearly a year, it got maybe 10 visitors. When I did a search on Shania fan sites I got seemingly endless pages just on that topic alone. I was about to scrap the website when one day a person emailed me saying the site was very nice, but what people were really missing was a fan site where adults could talk freely about Shania, her sexy image and share pictures that were not allowed in any of the other Shania forums or websites. Basically something nobody else was offering. I had heard stories where people had been banned from the Shania Forums for comments on her beauty or making an even worse blunder by not liking something Shania did. I thought about it and figured it was worth a shot.

The very first version of AdultShania met with disaster. It was the typical what happens when Shania lovers and Shania haters join the same forum and are allowed to talk freely. The Shania lovers didn't understand the fantasy nature of the forum and started attacking any of the other members who said anything negative or somewhat sexual about Shania (I'm surprised they didn't kill each other). The one thing I learned was that the serious Shania fans were the worst when it came to being open-minded. They used the most offensive language and if a person said they liked Gwen Stefani or Christina Aguilera, the Shania haters would agree that they were also good singers. The Shania fans however would deny it and call them worthless sluts and talentless bitches. Granted not all Shania fans felt that way, but I found the same fans who hated all artists that weren't Shania, also seemed to hate the forum and website.

So WHAT is AdultShania? AdultShania is a website for the adults, an open-minded person who loves Shania for whatever reason be it musical or physical. There are people who don't like Shania's music, but they'll be the first to agree that she is a very beautiful woman. AdultShania is a radical change from the regular Shania fan sites and forums in that it can be raunchy, wild and explicitly sexual in nature. Male and female fans all agree that AdultShania is naughty, but much more fun than the other forums where you always have to watch what you say. The nice thing about AdultShania is that the members here are without a doubt Shania's biggest supporters. If she were to ever pose for Playboy or do something daring, we would be standing beside her applauding, while her other fans would be lining up to burn her CDs. The AdultShania fans believe Shania should be free to do as she likes with her life and career and we'll be there to support her every step of the way.

Adult Shania's Babe of the Day

So with all that said, if you understand that AdultShania is an adult forum and website and you still want access, you'll need to request access. In your email you will need to verify you are at least 18 years old and OK with viewing adult material. If you would like more information, request that in your email.

If you would like to download some high resolution pictures of Shania in her sexy outfits, take the online Shania survey and share your thoughts... Shania's Sexy Image

The pictures of Shania can be found on pretty much any Shania fan site and the nude fakes can be found in the newsgroups and on the web through different Usenet services. Everyone knows Shania has never posed naked, so the fakers of the world create their own version of what Shania would look like naked to create a "fantasy" type picture. There is no intent to degrade Shania and some of the pictures are very flattering.

So maybe you love Shania for her music or personality. Maybe you Like her because she makes fun, sexy videos. Maybe you even hate her because she created her own brand of country music. Or just maybe you like her because of that wicked body of hers. Either way, here is your chance to place your vote on Shania's popularity .

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